What Should Be In The Next C++ Compiler?

Herb Sutter (champion of VC++ compiler evolution at Microsoft) posted an interesting poll today. He wants to know what the C++ developer community thinks about priorities for the next release.

Go vote.

Editorial comment: I’m not surprised that conformance is winning over performance or fancy features. MS’s compiler has always been easy to use in a vacuum, but a pain when interoperability and cross-platform matter. When Herb went to MS, things improved drastically, but my perception is that gcc leapfrogged VC++ a year or two back, as C++11 began to gel. (VS 2012 probably gets back to parity again; I haven’t poked into it deeply, yet.)

3 thoughts on “What Should Be In The Next C++ Compiler?

  1. Herb Sutter is one of few other blogs that I will follow as closely as yours due to the amount of great content which he regularly posts. I would also have to agree with you that GCC really moved into the mainstream #1 compiler spot in the last few years. Unfortunately, there are so many of the developers working in Linux are locked into a platform which has them handcuffed to an earlier version of GCC (i.e. pre-GCC 4.7 without all of the latest C++11 support). It’s this reason that I still think that Microsoft, even though they are fashionably late to the party, will still be the most popular girl at the end of the night.

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