Book Review: Poke the Box

I just finished reading Seth Godin’s Poke the Box, and I recommend that you add it to your reading list. It’s short, punchy, and thought-provoking.


The main idea he advocates is that we should not wait around for the world to give us permission, and we should not be afraid to fail. We should just jump in with two feet and make things happen.

My favorite phrase from the whole book–and a great three-word summary–is “Now beats soon.” Kind of reminds me of the favorite motto of a wise leader that I admire: “We must lengthen our stride. And we must do it now.” (Spencer W. Kimball; he had “Do it now!” on a plaque on his desk.)

Yes, there are a few caveats. Some people are forever starting, but never finishing. That can be a problem. And you have to do your homework before you start; you don’t want to jump in until you know whether you’ve picked a smart place to swim across the river.

The only critique I have is that Godin could have said the same thing in about half the space. He has lots of short anecdotes, which are fun, but he had me convinced long before I got to the end.

Action Item

Go out and do something great! Now.

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