I was applying for a very senior architect role. I’d already been through several rounds of interviews with a whole committee of thought leaders in the department. I’d taken a technical proficiency test, and (I hope) given a good impression about how I’d be able to contribute.

The CEO cleared a block on her schedule and sat down with me. She poked a bit at my business experience, my ideas of process, and my aspirations. Then she said, “Tell me your thoughts on humility.”

I think it’s the best job interview question anyone has ever asked me.

A great perspective on humility. Photo credit: Chiot’s Run (Flickr).

Real humility

A person trying to fake humility says, “I’m not very good” — but doesn’t mean it.

A person trying to be humble, but misunderstanding its nature, says, “I’m not as good as X” — and tells himself it’s probably true.

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