Nominees for the Codecraft Opus Award must be codebases with the following characteristics:

  • Solves a hard problem of recognized value. (Doesn’t have to deliver world peace, but can’t be something frivolous like Angry Birds.)
  • Has released publicly, at least once.
  • Has delighted the whole value chain (engineers, business folks, and customers/users).
  • Has 3 or more active contributors. (Could be coders, testers, etc).
  • Has substantial size. (For example, thousands of lines of code).
  • Demonstrates unusual craftsmanship in most or all of the following areas: architecture/design, implementation, testing, delivery. Nominees will need to provide evidence of characters such as:
    • Exhibits clean, consistent encapsulation.
    • Is well organized, named, commented, and documented.
    • Hides complexity appropriately.
    • Has a comprehensive test automation strategy.
    • Uses continuous integration and continuous delivery.
    • Has few bugs / is highly stable.


Nominees for the Codecraft Crescendo Award must be codebases with the following characteristics:

  • Like an Opus nominee, solves a hard problem of recognized value, has released publicly, has 3 or more active contributors, and has substantial size.
  • Has one or more long-standing, systemic problems that have created significant frustration throughout the value chain.
  • Has been the target of an organized effort by multiple people to move the needle toward greater quality in important ways.
  • Has multiple metrics that demonstrate that the effort to improve has yielded impressive results.
  • Can demonstrate that the efforts have delighted key stakeholders.

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